Stepdaughter pun that I never thought I'd hear.

Brief background: stepdaughter is 20 years old and has always hated when I make puns/dadjokes

So my step daughter just came downstairs heading out for work and just as she's walking out the door I noticed she has only one shoe on.

Me: "Hey! You know you only have one shoe on, right?

Her: "yeah, the other one is in my car"

Me (visibly confused): "uh...ok"

Her: "you might say I'm a step ahead"

The door shuts, my jaw dropped.

I run to the door, open it,

"Was that a pun? did you just make a dad joke?!"

She replies only with a smirk.

I'm so proud.

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👤︎ u/athei-nerd
📅︎ Oct 04 2017
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My 14 y/o stepdaughter is a dad...

(This just transpired: I got sweaty cleaning out my shower and walked into the hall to cool off.)

Me to my SO: Shower is clean.

SO: oh good. Ew. You're gross

Me: yeah. I'm sweating.

14 y/o from down the hall in her room while painting her nails yells: "HI SWEATING!"

(I'm so proud)

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📅︎ Aug 11 2019
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My stepdaughter needed the WiFi password for her friend. I didn't hear back after I replied.

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📅︎ Jan 01 2015
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I'm proud of my seven year old stepdaughter. I've taught her well.

We're sitting at the dinner table after my stepkid returned from a weekend at her dad's, telling bad puns to each other. This was her response to her mom. Mom (to me): Honey, you tell some terrible jokes. Me: I know. The kid: Mom, they're not BAD jokes, they're DAD jokes.

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Dad joked my stepdaughter when she told us she dropped her phone in the toilet

Rolled her eyes when i said "hmmmm, must've been a shitty call"

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Walking through IKEA's lighting department...

My Stepdaughter says: "This place is lit!"

So proud.

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📅︎ Apr 03 2019
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Dad joked the wife over cooking...FTW

I've got oven preheated to 420f for baking sweet potatoes, wife course corrects and tells me she wants the oven set to 450f... "What, 420 isn't HIGH enough for you?"

Teenage kids reaction in the kitchen, priceless! Got a high-five from stepdaughter too!

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📅︎ Apr 17 2014
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A special joke all my own

I've told my wife, my stepson, and my stepdaughter this joke. Only my stepson appreciated it.

> Q: What did the muffler say to the carburetor? > > A: "I'm exhausted."

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📅︎ Nov 04 2013
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Got a twofer

Getting something from the linen closet next to the bathroom, overheard 13yo stepdaughter talking to the missus about some moisturiser or something, "This is so good!".

Stuck my head in and asked, "Made of soy milk, is it?".

Two second pause, missus says "Don't worry - it's just another stupid dad joke.", followed by a pair of groans and a hand towel thrown at my head as I disappear again.

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👤︎ u/_korvan_
📅︎ Apr 03 2016
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