Fun fact: Axolotls our one of the only species to have a different name in their infancy.


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Lies out parents told us when we were little.

I'll start with mine.

  1. If you eat the seeds of the watermelon, a watermelon plant will grow in your stomach.

  2. If you grow up in a foreign country your face will turn into one of a foreigner (as chinese immigrants to spain, my parents told me this to get me to go to school)

  3. My grandpa used to tell me that if I moved too much after eating the food would leak into my blood veins and I would die. Needless to say that scarred me for a long period of my infancy.

  4. My grandma, conversely, told me that if I slept face down I would crush my heart and die. Screw you, grandma...

  5. One of the most cruel lies was from my uncle, in which every time we heard police sirens, he would hurry and exclaim that the police was going after me for having too many toys... Made me scared of cops for a long time.

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On the joys of growing up

Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?

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📅︎ Mar 16 2017
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