Prepare to be bored to death

Once upon a time, there was a man named Phil. Phil had just graduated High School and was going to college to be a railroad conducter. Unfortunately, he was horrible. He failed half his classes, he barely knew what a train was, and he frequently peed on the railroad tracks. Somehow, he managed to get a bachelor's degree in conducting. After college, he went to a decent job at a railroad. It had an average pay grade and everyone was relatively nice to him. It was a nice stable job, so no one knew why, on the fateful day of October 13, 2017, he snapped and killed everyone on board. He was detained and taken court, where he was almost immediately sentenced to death by the judge. His personal security guard asked him, "What do you want for your last meal?" Phil replied, "I want a guava orange." The guard was baffled. She had no idea what the fuck a guava orange was, much less how to find one. So, like anyone who doesn't know where to find something, she got one on eBay. She brought it to Phil, who immediately wolfed it down. She then escorted him to the electric chair, strapped him in, and flipped the switch. Nothing happened. Baffled by this odd occurrence, the guard said, "Well you've served your time, I guess you're free to go." So Phil reintegrated to the world and found a new job. This one was well paying and everyone there loved him, so everyone was even more baffled when he flipped out on his new co-workers. He was returned to court, sentenced to death, and the same guard asked him, "What do you want for your last meal?" Phil said, "I'd like a guava orange." It took the guard two months to track down a guava orange this time, but she finally found one in a Baghdad market stand. She gave it to Phil, who wolfed it down and proceed to the electric chair. The guard flipped the switch - and nothing. The guard said, "I guess you're free again," and released Phil into the world. He immediately got an extremely high paying job, everyone there adored him, it was perfect. At least, until he snapped yet again and killed everyone there. The judge sentenced him to death again, and the guard asked him, "Let me guess, guava orange?" Phil nodded, and the guard set out on her quest. It took her two years to find the very last guava orange, and when she brought it back Phil wolfed it down and sat in the chair. The guard flipped the switch and nothing happened,so she shouted, "WHAT THE FUCK?! HOW THE HELL ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?!" Phil said, "I guess I'm just a bad conductor

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