A bear walks into a bar and says, "Give me a rum..............and coke."

"Why the big pause?" asks the bartender. The bear shrugged, "I'm not sure, I was born with them"

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πŸ“…︎ Nov 13 2020
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A polar bear walked into a bar.

β€œA rum and...................... coke please." He asked.

"Certainly", replied the bar man, "but why the big pause?"

"I was born with them", answered the bear.

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Bear Walks into a Bar

A bear walks Into a bar, summons the bartender and says, 'I'll have a rum and ... ... ... Coke'. Bartender says,'why the long pause?' Bear replies, 'These?! (Looking at his paws), I've had these since birth!'

I'm here all week...

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Dad dropped this one on me today

So a blonde walks into a library, and walks up to the librarian and asks, "Can I have a rum and coke please?".

The librarian responded saying "Ma'am this is a library!"

The blonde responded "oh I'm sorry..." And in a whisper asked "Can I have a rum and coke please".

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I was a bartender for a night . . .

I said to my 13 year old. He's at that age when he is starting to think he knows everything because he knows why salt makes ice melt.

He knows I'm a teetotaler.

"What do you know about making drinks?" he says sneeringly.

"I know how to make some drinks."

"Like what?"

"I know how to make rum and coke. I know how to make gin and tonic. I know how to make Shirley Temples."

There is a snort there.

"I know how to make vodka cranberries. I know how to make margaritas. I know how to make red wine."

He finishes the fries he is eating at the counter island in the kitchen and starts to head out of the room.

"Do you know how to make a red wine?" I call after him.

He turns around and looks at me, still chewing.


"Tell them about 1991."


"That is when the Soviet Union fell, all the reds were whining."

True story.

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A bear walks into a bar

He orders a large coke......... and a rum. The Bartender says, β€œhey, why the big pause”. The bear says β€œI don’t know, I was born with them”

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A polar bear walks into a bar...

And says "Can I have a rum... ... ...and a coke?" The bartender replies "Why the big paws?"

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