Have You Ever Tried to Fold a Fitted Sheet?

It's pointless.

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πŸ‘€︎ u/Calicorpse
πŸ“…︎ Mar 16 2020
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What do you call a sheet set where the fitted sheet doesn’t match the flat sheet?

Fraternal twin sheets

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πŸ‘€︎ u/mjm077
πŸ“…︎ Feb 25 2018
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So proud

Helping my 13 year old make his bed. It's a hot night and the ceiling fan is on.

"Don't flick the sheet too high, Dad, or else..."

Me: "Or else what?"

"or else the sheet will hit the fan"

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πŸ‘€︎ u/neuromesh
πŸ“…︎ Feb 18 2014
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I was looking at fitted sheets for my bed.

The salesperson walked up to me and said, "Single?"

I retorted by saying, "Nope. Married.".

And I laughed my way out of the store. I can genuinely feel him groaning.

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πŸ‘€︎ u/RubberBandit__
πŸ“…︎ Sep 03 2015
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Dadjoked by my boyfriend

He's struggling to fold a fitted bed sheet when he says:

"I'm getting too old for this sheet."

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πŸ‘€︎ u/mesmilized
πŸ“…︎ Mar 21 2014
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Playing Catch-Phrase

I got the answer right when the word was "fitted sheet" which I followed up with "Similarly, if you were to step in dog poo, you'd have shitted feet."

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πŸ‘€︎ u/capomatt
πŸ“…︎ Nov 29 2014
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