have you tried that trendy okra wrapped steak recipe ever?

I did once, it was just meaty okra

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👤︎ u/sukarsono
📅︎ Mar 18 2019
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Interesting food names

Chris P. Cream

Chris P. Bacon

Pete Zah

Barbie Q.

Q. Cumber

Okra Winfrey

Tom A. Tow

Zach N. Cheese

Drew Brie's

May N. Ace

Tuna Turner

Drew Berry

Parma Shawn

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👤︎ u/Escalade1414
📅︎ Dec 26 2019
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Vegetable jokes are my least favourite to come up with.

They're really hard to produce and usually turn out pretty medi-okra.

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📅︎ Jun 22 2019
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Talk show

What do you call a show hosted by a vegetable?

The Okra Winfrey show!

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👤︎ u/maimus32
📅︎ May 20 2019
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What do you call a vegetable that cooks slimy, and it is just okay, not spectacular?


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👤︎ u/Spotted_Lady
📅︎ Dec 03 2018
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If Oprah created a career-defining musical performance around green vegetables...

It would be Oprah's Okra Opera Opus

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👤︎ u/SnivyXiang
📅︎ Sep 16 2018
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My dad got me at dinner last night

Q: what do you call a vegetable that tastes ok? A: medi-okra!

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👤︎ u/szepaine
📅︎ Jan 17 2015
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Boyfriend's clever dad-joke strategy for dealing with my complaining.

After spending an hour cleaning a filthy fridge for the second time in three weeks, I was irritable and complaining loudly about all the nasty leftovers left in there. My boyfriend, trying to be cute, opens up a jar of pickled okra and puts one into my mouth mid-sentence...

Him: "Here have some."

Me: Sigh "Okay..."

Him: It's hard to argue with pickled okra...

...because it doesn't talk."

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👤︎ u/navkat
📅︎ Dec 07 2014
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