double whammy
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📅︎ Nov 04 2019
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Double Whammy
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👤︎ u/Amiibosss
📅︎ Aug 09 2019
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Too bad OJ didn’t play for Denver. Could have been a double whammy here.
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👤︎ u/Gcarsk
📅︎ Jun 23 2019
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Double whammy
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👤︎ u/CaseAub12
📅︎ Jan 17 2019
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What I call the whammy bar on my Stratocaster

A Fender bender.

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👤︎ u/tallpapab
📅︎ Feb 17 2019
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Multi whammy

There we are, sitting in my parents living room when my mom asks me "how do I get my iPhone and iPad in sync?" I told her "ask my sister, just hope she doesn't make them in sync on the backstreet" to which my dad chimed in "boy that ain't no lie". So I said "I know. I think I need to go home. Bye bye bye."

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👤︎ u/thintoast
📅︎ Nov 18 2015
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Husband got me with a double-whammy

Set-up: I'm reviewing an essay for a classmate and his grammar is lamentable. I'm giving my husband some examples.

Me: He switches tenses mid-sentence and keeps using "begin" instead of "began."

Husband: The problem with people like you is that you're always too tense.

Me: Then get over here and give me a massage!

Husband: No, I believe in women's rights and would never want to be massage-onistic.

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👤︎ u/amaranthfae
📅︎ Nov 27 2014
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A double whammy with my co-worker yesterday

Co-worker: "I can careless about today, but tomorrow will be a different story."

Me: "Well, what if there was a book called Today is Tomorrow? Then it would be."

Coworker: "Fyphoon, that doesn't make any sense."

Me: "Don't worry, I brought change."

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👤︎ u/Fyphoon
📅︎ May 09 2015
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Double whammy

Mom: it's like a vegetable/pancake Me: so a frittata? Dad: I prefer expensive-tata Mom: what about these tatas? grabs boobs

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👤︎ u/Mike111898
📅︎ Mar 10 2015
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If you boil a funny bone

It becomes a laughing stock. That's humerus.

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👤︎ u/irishbastard87
📅︎ Feb 25 2020
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Cracked a dad joke at work today.

So we get a book sent to our library, it was a little kids book called "I know all the letters of the alphabet." Me: looking at book "huh, I know all the letters of the alphabet?" Boss: "Yeah it got sent here by accident." Me: "You know I know only 25 letters of the alphabet." Boss: "Really?" Me: "Yeah I don't know why." Groaning was heard as the joke spread around the office.

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👤︎ u/jpcod5
📅︎ Aug 20 2014
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I think there's something wrong with my lamp...

It's a little light-headed!

Anyone have any bright ideas?

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👤︎ u/MOzGA
📅︎ Jun 02 2017
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Just got my wife at the Target

So I just had surgery and one of my restrictions is that I can't lift anything heavier than 20 lbs. Was at the Target today with the wife to return a lamp that she had purchased but then decided she didn't like. She parked the SUV and I opened the back to carry the lamp on the store. She said "What are you doing? You aren't supposed to lift anything!" I replied, "But it's light!"

Got the triple whammy. The groan, eye roll, and disgusted walk away from me and into the store. Had to carry the lamp, but it was worth it.

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👤︎ u/Charles_Foxtrot
📅︎ Oct 22 2015
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