Night Porter at work with my favourite dadjoke of all time

Receptionist at work had gone to get a glass of water from the bar. As she came around the corner stephen(the night Porter) was coming around at the same time. Startled, she said "oh jesus!" And without missing a beat he said "no, Stephen" and carried on walking. My admiration of the man rocketed.

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👤︎ u/steezy1337
📅︎ Jun 23 2016
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This is grate
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👤︎ u/EC097
📅︎ Apr 13 2019
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Dad and I stopped in at a one-star hotel that happened to have a bar. I was about to buy us beers when he said...

"Don't get your hops up. This place doesn't even have a porter."

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👤︎ u/ottodidakt
📅︎ Mar 15 2018
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He knows to bring the flavored sparkling water, yes?

Oui, il sait porter La Croix.

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👤︎ u/IanGecko
📅︎ May 20 2017
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Broadway composers who carry around a bunch of anthracite are...
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📅︎ Aug 21 2014
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My dad always brings this one out when guests are over

A guy visiting Australia gets hit by a car and is taken to the ER unconscious. When he comes to, lying on a stretcher, he asks the porter, "Was I brought here to die?".

The porter replies, "No, mate, you were brought here yesterday."

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📅︎ Feb 22 2014
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