There were these two trees that lived in the middle of a meadow, all by themselves, one, a birch, the other, a beech...

Having nothing much else to do to pass the time, they engaged in frequent conversation with each other about whatever tickled their fancy.

Well, one year, a sapling took root between the two trees and having not much else to talk about, they argued about the sapling for years.

"It's a son of a beech," the beech would say.

"No, it's a son of a birch," the birch would say.

And back and forth they would go.

Well one year, when the sapling was starting to get big and tall, a woodpecker happened to fly along and land on the beech.

The beech, seeing an opportunity to settle this argument once and for all, said, "Hey, woodpecker. I need a favor. I want you to fly over to that young tree there, and tell me whether that tree is a son of a beech or the son of a birch."

Well, the woodpecker not having much else to do said, "Sure thing!" and flew over to the young tree and gave it six good taps.

-tap tap tap-

-tap tap tap-

And flew back.

"Well?" the birch said.

"Well?" the beech said.

"Is it a son of a beech, or the son of a birch?"

The woodpecker said, "Neither."


"That, my friends," the woodpecker said, "is the best piece of ash I've ever put my pecker in."

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📅︎ Aug 03 2017
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I guess you could say it gave him some wood
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👤︎ u/ch3000
📅︎ Nov 20 2020
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Me and my dad go a little too far with the puns...feel free to "plant" any in the comments
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📅︎ Jul 27 2013
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My favorite song

Woodn't it be nice by the Beech Boys.

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📅︎ Dec 15 2018
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I dad-joked my dad.

We were walking through the woods and my dad pointed to a tree and said, "that big tree there is a Beech." I said, "and that little one over there is a son of a Beech."

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📅︎ Feb 27 2015
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