Asked my two year old son if he could pretend to be a horse

He answered me neigh

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📅︎ Oct 16 2019
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Me and my girlfriend walking beside a concrete wall

We were on a holiday in Spain and we saw a concrete wall guarding a yard at someone's house. On top of the wall the owner had clued broken bottles in stead of barbed wire.

Me and my girlfriend were shocked and I said "I can't believe someone would do this."

"I Just can't get over this..."

she didn't realise until I said

"it would just hurt me too much."

Proud moment...

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👤︎ u/larusthor
📅︎ Jul 17 2016
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In science class talking about the make up of DNA and RNA.

My teacher was describing DNA being made up of four parts. Adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine. Comparing DNA to RNA being the same except that in stead of thymine, it is uracil. I wake up from a daze and shout "No your a cell!"

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📅︎ May 19 2014
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