A good set of dad jokes for a rainy day

Ouch I'm in alot of rain. What the hail. You little sleet. Sorry for raining on your parade I thought it would be snow problem. I'm going to sleet. What don't give me the cold shoulder. It's ice to see you. Water you doing. Fin

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👤︎ u/Axd109
📅︎ Jun 08 2019
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What's a weatherman's favorite type of magic trick?

Sleet of hand.

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👤︎ u/nowlan101
📅︎ Dec 15 2017
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Joked the housemate in a group text

We were at our respective work places:

Housemate1: "Traffic is going to suck going home"
Me: "Yeah it's snowing here"
Housemate2: "Sleet atm here, it sucks"
Me: "I use Capital One's ATM, works better"

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📅︎ Nov 14 2014
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