Wife: How did Mr. Big, an arctic shrew, get polar bears to work for him?

Me: He must have been a SHREWD businessman!

Cue groan and rolling over to bury her head under the pillow as I giggled for 5min

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👤︎ u/0hwowitsme
📅︎ Mar 01 2018
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Need a name for a pet

My friend just got a pet shrew and as everyone knows, pun names for pets are the best but I can't think of any so I need some help Any suggestions are much appreciated

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📅︎ May 02 2019
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When the dunecat's away, the muad'dib will play

"[It's] always good to be a little shrew'd"

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👤︎ u/dynendal
📅︎ Oct 17 2019
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