This morning I had fried eggs, fried bread, fried potatoes and refried beans....

Happy Fry-day.

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📅︎ Apr 02 2021
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This year for Valentine's day I gave people a can of root beer and a can of refried beans.

Told them to have a rootin' tootin' Valentine's day.

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📅︎ Feb 14 2020
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My Waitress Tonight Told I Had To Post This

Scene: Dinner for my mom's birthday at a very nice (expensive) restaurant.

Waitress: Your steak comes with a choice of the vegetable of the day or a twice baked potato.

Me: Are twice baked potatoes and refried beans prepared similar ways or is that just a naming coincidence?

W: Laughing Oh my God. Our bartender and I were just talking about funny "dad jokes" on reddit! I didn't expect to hear one in person. Do you use reddit?

M: Umm... Yeah... I actually follow r/dadjokes but I'm not a dad and

W: You should post that joke there!

I have no idea if she will see this but my wife said I had to let everyone know about a redditor interaction. I hope she does because the food was awesome and she was a fantastic waitress beyond being a fellow redditor.

I still have no idea if twice baked potatoes and refried beans have any link...

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📅︎ Jan 06 2019
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Got my mom pretty good earlier

Me: "What's for dinner?" Mom: "15 bean soup" Me: "Are you sure 15 beans is enough for soup?"

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📅︎ Feb 16 2014
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