I designed a crash proof jet plane, its made completely out of rubber.

I call it the Boing 747

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📅︎ Jun 06 2020
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If a jet plane loaded with e-cigarette smokers flies overhead, you'll see the vaper trail.
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📅︎ Dec 04 2019
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oh, your house number is 747?

so I'm really interested in this girl, and she wanted to watch a movie with me at her place. I ask for her house address and the conversation is more or less this:

"oh my address is 747 blah blah blah st."

"I didn't know you lived on a jumbo jet!"

"That was awful."

"I know I'm sorry I was way out of line with that. It was a pretty plane and Boeing joke. I'm glad your feelings aren't up in the air about it though."

I might have heard a groan from twenty miles away.

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📅︎ Sep 18 2016
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My dad on an airplane 10 years ago

My dad told me this, never registered in my brain that it was a dad joke until just now. He worked in Memphis, TN but we lived north of Little Rock, AR, so he would hop a 30 minute flight on weekends on a super small commercial jet to come home.

One time there were literally no other passengers on the flight (12-20 passenger plane IIRC). The flight attendant told him "you're our only passenger, pick whatever seat you'd like"

He looked to his left and said "He's in my seat" and pointed to the pilot.

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📅︎ Mar 17 2014
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I was at a air show with my dad.

Right after the jets did the scissor trick my dad said "that's just plane scarry. "

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📅︎ Jul 26 2014
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