I visited an air hangar today

It was nothing special... Really plane if you ask me

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📅︎ Nov 20 2019
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Hangar bay
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📅︎ Dec 03 2018
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This sounded punny in my head.

So I was thinking...

This is a coat hanger:


Technically, isn't this also a coat hangar:


Which would make this a hanger hangar:


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📅︎ May 16 2020
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You should never tell a pun on an airplane

It will go over everyone's head

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📅︎ Feb 15 2016
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Puns for Days

Today my father and I were cleaning out the home of a 90 year old man. In the basement we found these huge and awkward old structures that were used to hang up clothes on hangars.

Dad: "These are so obsolete now. Most people just hang their clothes up on a Pole in their closet.......or a Jew or a Swede."

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📅︎ May 30 2014
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