Did you know that certain rooms in your house can change your citizenship?

If you go to the bathroom, European

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👤︎ u/nimito_burrito
📅︎ Nov 14 2020
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My friend Miles has just gotten his UK citizenship.

He is now known as Kilometres.

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👤︎ u/Jay-ay
📅︎ Mar 04 2020
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I was applying for Australian citizenship.

The interviewer asked "Do you have a criminal record?"

"No. Is that still required?"

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👤︎ u/Valdagast
📅︎ Nov 06 2019
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Do you think people in Finland who lose their citizenship consider themselves unfinished?
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👤︎ u/sixhoursneeze
📅︎ Aug 05 2019
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I was applying for an Australian citizenship

When the interviewer asked me ‘Do you have a criminal record?”

I said “No, is that still required?”

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👤︎ u/RealFletch
📅︎ Apr 06 2019
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I was buying my groceries in Prague when the manager approached me asking for my proof of citizenship

Being a US national, I wasn’t allowed to use the self Czech out.

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📅︎ Aug 30 2019
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I was applying for Australian citizenship and the interviewer asked whether I had a criminal record.

I replied: "No. Is that still a requirement?"

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👤︎ u/BassWizard420
📅︎ Apr 13 2019
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What do you call a animal based childrens show about the joys of french citizenship

My little pony: frenchship is magic

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👤︎ u/Ultra_scrub
📅︎ Aug 06 2018
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Once my dad ripped two juuls at once and said...

"I have my juul citizenship"

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👤︎ u/yoinkKing
📅︎ Aug 11 2020
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My uncle's not a dad, but he could barely contain himself from this one...

My uncle posted a status that his wife finally got granted citizenship:

Uncle: Today, Mrs. [wife] is an American citizen! She is now legally allowed to waste food, hate foreigners and accept Jesus as lord and savior

Dad: And bear arms... can't forget that part.

Uncle: She doesn't have bear arms... she shaves.

(No offense intended)

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👤︎ u/platypossamous
📅︎ Jun 13 2014
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I made up a real groaner today, so of course I had to tell my son.

One day at a US immigration office, a man walked in seeking citizenship. The desk clerk began the usual questioning: "name, occupation, country of origin"? The man replied, " Juan Martinez, illusionist, Mexico".

During the process Juan made small talk and displayed his talent as an illusionist. The clerk found him to be a charming, funny, and charismatic man, which put the normally grouchy clerk in a great mood!

The clerk was so enamored by Juan, he let him skip the formalities and allowed him straight into the US.

After Juan left, a coworker asked the clerk why he would allow a man to just walk in to the US. To which the clerk responded...

"For once in my long career working in immigration, I was truly amazed and entertained by a potential citizen, so I decided to waive a magic Juan"!

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👤︎ u/churnplunger
📅︎ Nov 13 2015
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