What did Tesla's wife say about his new electric current

"he's going through a phase"

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📅︎ Sep 28 2020
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If i intend to buy an electric car, do i need a current driving license?
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📅︎ Oct 07 2019
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Electric current events. /r/Jokes/comments/gttx2j/…
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📅︎ Jun 07 2020
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Girl are you Electric current?

Cuz, you're a q/t

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📅︎ Mar 13 2018
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Pearl Harbor of puns

If your onion sang hip-hop, would that be a rapscallion?

I used to be an astronaut, but I got tired of eating out of satellite dishes. I wasn't allowed to eat the Milky Way, even though I had to look at it every day. The worst thing was, I never got to visit The Space Bar. Then, when I was visiting the dark side of the moon, I was bitten by a parasite. Now, you might think it's crazy, but the doctor who removed it called it a lunar-tick.

If "womb" is pronounced "woom" and "tomb" is pronounced "toom", shouldn't "bomb" be pronounced "boom"?

China recently tested a new steroid. It basically turns you into The Hulk. The side effect is it could turn you into a crazed zombie that tends to rip the upper extremities from people. People are saying that this could be the zombie apocalypse. In my opinion, lips have nothing to do with it. I call it ARMageddon. The only way to stay safe now is to not let anyone close enough to disarm you.

I recently was going to join the railroad union. I decided against it because it's complicated. If I received instruction on driving the locomotive, would they call it engineering, or training?

I got a sad story about a flower. I don't know who the heck she pissed off, but damn, now she's a Black-Eyed Susan.

I finally figured out what makes leaves angry. Fall. They get so mad they change color. Some are yellow. They're just afraid and run from their problems. The other ones usually just leave.

I went parachuting with my military buddies once. We landed on a department store. I told him I think we're at the wrong coordinates. He said: "Nope. We're right on Target"

I asked a psychologist if Native Americans have strong emotions. He said "Oh yeah, they're intense".

If a psychotic person thought something made sense, would that thought be psychological?

If Matt Damon were searching for a secondhand store, would he be Goodwill Hunting?

My friend is a Marksman for the military. One day, he went to the armory and asked for 3 snipers. They gave him a candy bar. It was a 3 Musketeers.

I want to be there if Dwayne Johnson ever uses a pizza stone. That way I can smell what "The Rock" is cookin'.

Christopher bought a lemon, and the car broke down. Now Christopher Walken.

Have you heard about the latest bank battle on Wall Street? Capital One and Chase got in a fight and Capital One.

You know what a pirate says to his wenches when he sees the shoreline? "LAND HO!"

A man finds a lamp in the desert and dusts it off. Poof! A genie p

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📅︎ Mar 26 2019
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Electronics lecturer dropped this beauty on us

Discussing electrical current and he introduced us to Kirchhoff's current law.

"This is Kirchhoff's current law. I don't know what his previous law was, but this is the current one."

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📅︎ Aug 07 2014
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I challenged, I failed. Dad triumphs.

My friend asked this on her wall on facebook.

Anyone else suffering from electricity shortage?

Dad: Nope. That would be shocking! Or revolting.

Me: Ohmm...These puns are so ampty..needs to be more electrifying

Dad: OP, Watt??

Dad: The puns are the current thing.

Me: I hope nobody breaks the circuit of these puns.

Dad: Wire you worried about that? They'll just socket to ya!

Me: This is such a Polarity moment. Say Cheese, Brofs SPARK

Dad: Don't be negative. Try alternating. It's not terminal.

Me: You have bested me, You win. #dadjokes too good

The Dad is strong, too strong.

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📅︎ Apr 30 2014
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Got my students earlier (twice)

I was demonstrating for a physics lab today and we were doing an electricity experiment, building circuits and measuring voltage and current with various configurations of resistors.

One pair asked me to look at their results so I picked up the paper and started to shake my head with a scowl on my face.

Girl: What is it? What's wrong?

Me: It's these results.... they're shocking...

After a second of being genuinely worried, they realised I was laughing and looked at me angrily.

Guy: That was terrible.

Me: Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

Cue Groans

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👤︎ u/Gildor001
📅︎ Nov 10 2015
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Dad joked by coworker...

I currently work in a deli and a coworker and I were doing some deep cleaning behind our fryers. We noticed a bit of grease build up on the electrical plugs. She unplugged them and I mentioned I wonder if grease conducts electricity. She blurted out, "It would shock me if it did."

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📅︎ Feb 21 2014
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My Dad the Electrician

My dad, an electrician, just changed a lightbulb. The new bulb lit up and started humming. "Do you know why it's humming?" he asked. I was thinking it had to do with electrical current causing something to vibrate, but before I could answer, dad interjects "Because it doesn't know the words!"

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📅︎ Jan 11 2014
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Do you need a current driver's license to drive an electric car
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📅︎ May 19 2019
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