A dad tries to curtail his daughter's vocabulary

Sent to me by my dad:

> A father said to his early teenage daughter, "There are two words I'd like you to quit using so much. One is 'gross' and the other is 'awesome'."
> She replied, "OK, Dad, what are the two words?"

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👤︎ u/tfofurn
📅︎ Oct 26 2016
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Landlord gave a good one

While fixing a hose at my house, the landlord said, "In order to keep water from running on the wall, you need a shower curtain on the back to...CURTail any leakage."

We both mentally high fived each other, as his wife rolled her eyes.

Ninja Edit: We have an old style tub.

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👤︎ u/pro_magnum
📅︎ Aug 21 2015
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