I thought about fixing my microwave oven...

But I just didn't have the convection.

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👤︎ u/vivvav
📅︎ Apr 17 2016
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I burnt my Hawaiian pizza last night...

...I should have put it on aloha setting.

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👤︎ u/ze_batmon
📅︎ Nov 19 2015
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I opened the oven....

I just opened the oven and there were loads of tiny people dancing to techno.

It was a micro-rave.

I'm sorry

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📅︎ Jul 19 2015
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My girlfriend got me with this one today

I am a TA for her pchem lab and today they were determining the speed of light by melting food in a microwave. We removed the rotating plate from the oven when she pointed and said "That was revolutionary".

She may be a keeper.

Edit : Grammar fails.

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📅︎ Feb 28 2018
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Got my kid while cooking Thanksgiving dinner

She asked why I was microwaving the sweet potatoes instead of putting them in the oven and I told her that the turkey was in there, and I still needed to use the oven for the dressing, the veggies, and then the pie.

"Wow, there's a long waiting list for the oven!" she exclaimed.

I replied, "Yep, guess you could say it's the hot place to be tonight."

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👤︎ u/thrifty917
📅︎ Nov 26 2015
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My dad just pulled this one while I was making dinner

So I had dinner in the oven and was sitting in a chair across the room. I was using the microwaves timer to tell me how much longer before I had to take the chicken out. I have bad vision and wanted to know how much longer dinner would be so I asked "what does the microwave say?" and without missing a beat my dad replies "beep beep beep"

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👤︎ u/adischer
📅︎ Feb 05 2014
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