I pine fir the good oak days, when it was poplar to spruce up the living room with a real tree.
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👤︎ u/und88
📅︎ Dec 24 2020
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Is my friend good enough for the big leagues (for puns)?
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👤︎ u/misspygmy
📅︎ Dec 21 2019
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So I my son started to bark at me

Kept on insisting that I had promised to build him a treehouse but I don't remember evergreening this elm of a contract. Though he kept inisisting I had birch the agreement due to the long delay but my attempt to confern the fertility of the spruce was in roots. Now I have to oak up and face the spruce. My weekend has been soiled and I now have to maple my son's treehouse whilst I willow my day away. Although... Now that I twig about it, having a treehouse in my yard sounds like a pine idea.

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👤︎ u/WisdomThingy
📅︎ Dec 14 2020
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