What's the difference between an archaeologist and an ichthyologist ?

One mucks around in fountains....

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👤︎ u/MagicGuy66
📅︎ Jun 06 2020
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A friend called me an amateur (jokingly) for shutting off the power before working on a broken outlet.

I told him if he wanted to muck around with a 80amp 2.4Kw 120volt dimmer while it was hot, more power to him.

(I work in a theater)

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📅︎ Sep 04 2017
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You did what to a toy monkey?

So my daughter owns a toy monkey called Mimi.. It's her fave monkey of all time it goes everywhere.

Anyway Mimi was covered in flour from a days worth of mucking around with homemade play-dough.

As I'm putting her to bed I'm attempting to knock all the flour off Mimi before giving the monkey to her.

She got grumpy that I had Mimi and I said to her without thinking "Just wait a second Daddy needs to finish de-flouring Mimi... "

I'm just glad she doesn't understand that particular double-entendre

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👤︎ u/insanemal
📅︎ Apr 15 2015
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Overheard this while picking up lunch today...

Bought some pizza slices and while I was filling up my drink from the soda fountain, there was a family of four talking about, of all things, medical professions. The daughter at the table said she thought a proctologist was basically a pervert since they'd be focused on butts all day every day.

The mom explained that you wouldn't call a heart surgeon who uses tools to literally crack open a person's chest cavity and muck around with things a serial killer, so why would you call a doctor who specializes in proctology a pervert?

The dad then chimed in "No that's not right... a serial killer is someone who uses Captain Crunch to murder another person!"

Silence at the table, and the daughter groaned rather loudly. I happened to make eye contact with the dad and just smirked and nodded, which made him beam, and walked out the door to hear him say "Right? Right guys?"

Well done, sir.

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📅︎ Jan 18 2015
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