Me: The street I lived on during my college days was also a garbage dump.

My wife: Really?

Me: Yes. Litter Alley.

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👤︎ u/porichoygupto
📅︎ May 31 2019
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I saw a man dumping herbs into a garbage can

"What a waste of thyme" I said.

Edit: I made a reddit account to post this.

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📅︎ Jun 30 2015
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You know there's no official training for garbage men?

They just pick things up as they go along.

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👤︎ u/skeletonator
📅︎ Jun 28 2017
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Why did the dad sleep out in the woods last night?

Because he saw a sign there saying: For-rest

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👤︎ u/Pdonkey
📅︎ Dec 23 2018
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Studying for bio and asked my dad about the four methods of gene transfer...

"You go to the mall - that's one. The second method is you drop off a load of donations at Salvation Army. Third: you're picked up by a backhoe and transported to a pool of radioactive material in the middle of the garbage dump and your jeans are magically transferred off of you as you disintegrate. And the fourth? By policemen carrying out a court order in a maximum security prison."

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👤︎ u/GimpyBallerina
📅︎ Apr 09 2014
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My dad and I were clearing out some old stuff...

Dad: Where was Tonto heading with all the black garbage bags? Me: Where? Dad: To the dump, to the dump, to the dump-dump-dump!

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👤︎ u/gigglescici
📅︎ May 30 2014
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