What did the parents say when the police enquired about their child burning down a building

Yes that is arson

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📅︎ Mar 29 2019
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My uncle enquired about a furniture shop specialised in beds. Apparently they went out of business..

I told uncle that the owner was bedridden..

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📅︎ Apr 01 2018
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A man registered for a woodworking class...

A man registered for a woodworking class at his local college. At the end of orientation day, he went up to his professor and nervously enquired whether they would be learning how to make chairs.

"But of course," exclaimed the instructor. "Why?"

"Oh well you see," the man exhaled, visibly relieved "I suffer from IBS and my doctor requested a stool sample."

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📅︎ Feb 17 2017
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A man came across a giant and a midget in a bar.

A man came across a giant and a midget in a bar. How did you get so tall?" a man asked the giant who replied, "I eat what's right." The man then turned to the midget to enquire, "How did you get so short?" bringing the reply of, "I eat what's left."

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📅︎ Jul 03 2015
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