I made a dad joke, and I'm not a dad

Does this make me a faux pa?

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📅︎ Aug 26 2020
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So I was Dad joked in the parking lot

So I just met a master jokester. The setting:

I came out of work across the parking lot and a car comes at me. So I cross and I hear him go, 'youre walking too fast for this place' it's a 55+ community. So I walk over to talk to him and he goes 'what are you doin here your awfully young to be here'

me: yeaah, I'm 10 years to young. I'm the new chef for your clubhouse'

Him: 'youll be cooking for old men'

Me: 'its a challenge'

Him: 'well I don't want to keep you

Me: 'im just picking my dad up from physical therapy'

Him deadpan, 'well you might not want to do that'

Me: why?!

Him dead serious: well, because he's got to be heavy

Me: ... I can't believe I just got grandpop joked

Him: you better believe it

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📅︎ Dec 27 2017
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My dad, poolside.

Dad and I were at the pool sitting in chairs while my little sisters played in the pool. A woman sitting next to us lets out a loud exclamation and we look over to see that she spilled gatorade all over her phone. Shortly after, we all happened to be in the clubhouse at the same time and the woman is trying to plug in her phone. My dad says, "Why are you trying to charge it? It's already full of juice?"

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📅︎ May 24 2015
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Dadjoked the fam fairly well this morning...

Mickey's Clubhouse is on. Mickey and friends walk up to Donald's door.

Mickey: "Hi Donald, Pluto told us to come over to your house!"

Me (Akroyd voice): "We're on a mission from Dog."

The groans echoed.

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📅︎ Jun 10 2014
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