TIL: Humans are born with four kidneys

When they grow up, two of them becomes adult knees

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📅︎ Sep 24 2020
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When you are born you have 4 kidneys

However when you become older you have 2 kidneys and 2 adult nees

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📅︎ Jan 05 2020
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What items would you include in an amputation themed gift basket?

I know this isn't strictly a Dad joke, but I feel it is in the spirit of the thing. My dad is getting is getting his leg amputated in January. Essentially he has no cartilage in his ankle, and it causes him severe pain all the time. He has an amazing sense of humor, so I wanted to get him a gift basket of foot-based things. So far I have: -fruit by the foot -Happy Feet -Footloose -an Ihop gift card -pack of tube socks (since now he gets 2 for 1) -Bologna (because his amputation is below knee) -a card saying congrats on the weight loss -all put inside of a stocking

What other foot based pun items would you include in the gift basket?

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📅︎ Aug 29 2019
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