Thank You Olds, Alberta.

My girlfriend showed me a photo of severe weather in a town north of us and asked "have you seen the photo from Olds yet?"

"Saw it yesterday! That's old news"

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📅︎ Aug 07 2015
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I asked my family "Canadad travel to the Great White North"

My children replied "Yukon", but my wife was having Nunavut.

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👤︎ u/aselunar
📅︎ Jul 09 2017
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Mum hit a deer last night, Dad says it was venicide.

Direct impact, so the front of the car is totaled and it can't be driven, but no air bags went off so everyone is okay. The morning has been long, lots of time on the phone since the vehicle in question was a rental. Can't say they won't remember their time in Alberta.

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👤︎ u/meredithgillis
📅︎ May 19 2015
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Whilst driving through the Rocky Mountains.

My family (Dad, Mom, Borther, and 2x sisters) was driving back to alberta after a trip to B.C, and my dad pulled this one..

Dad: Holy shit a bear!!

Mom: Where?!

Dad: On the side of the road!

Kids: Where?!?

Dad: You don't see it?

Everyone else: No- oh..

we proceed to pass a billboard with a grizzly bear on it while my dad is laughing and doing the classic banging of the hands on the steering wheel

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👤︎ u/mrhairybolo
📅︎ Sep 10 2013
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My coworker

I live in Alberta where it's been -30 for the past week. This conversation happened at work.

Supervisor: my hands are so raw. Coworker: then you should probably cook them.

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👤︎ u/Jinkies287
📅︎ Feb 11 2014
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