Physiology used to be the study of carbonated soda.

Until they changed the spelling.

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📅︎ Jun 19 2017
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Today in physiology class...

We learned about all of the bones in the hand. Our teacher let the class examine some actual bones as well as other models that allowed us to see and become more familiar with the bones. I told the teacher, "This is gonna come in handy!"

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📅︎ Oct 13 2014
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My dad getting use out of his PhD in physiology

Watching The Strain when the doctors start doing an autopsy on a vampire body

Sister: So the vampire virus destroys all of the hosts organs?

Me: No it just changes them into different organs.

Dad: Yeah, they're... disorganized!

Laughter ensues

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📅︎ Dec 22 2014
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Doctors are moving away from BMI for diagnosing obesity

I think the earlier challenges in comprehensive diagnosis came from the difficulty in getting results from patients. BMI is so easy it's automatic.

Meanwhile, getting body fat percentage required calipers or an intensive water displacement test. The distribution of body fat is never concrete; when does back fat stop and butt fat begin? Then, negative physiological effects of these two is the third indicator. Those need a host of diagnoses.

We are moving to a time when getting those figures has never been easier and thus could have never before been done on a large scale.

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📅︎ Jan 22 2017
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Embarrassed myself in class laughing at my friend's reaction to my top quality material

So today in my physiology lecture we were talking about muscles and we touched on connective tissue and our prof said something about "broad bands of connective tissue" and I turned to my friend next to me and go "If there's broad bands of connective tissue do you think there's Wi-Fi of connective tissue?". He just sighed and told me he was going to punch me before going back to writing his notes with a look of pure hatred on his face.

(I tried to contain my laughter to his reaction and ended up snorting really loudly like a minute later when I heard him snicker)

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📅︎ Sep 24 2015
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