My pelvis is magical.

It has hip-notic powers.

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📅︎ Sep 07 2019
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Pelvis wants a little less conversation and a little more action please
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📅︎ Sep 14 2018
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What did the comedian with a leg amputated at the pelvis tell to the audience?

A half-assed joke

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30 Skeleton puns. Can you handle the skull rattling mayhem?

The Duke of Dance: If i don't stop soon, you're really gonna have a bone to pick with me.

The Duke of Dance: I need to stop being such a numbskull.

The Duke of Dance: help.

Sans: I gotta write these down.

The Duke of Dance: I don't have enough backbone to deal with my own shit

The Duke of Dance: but that's tibea expected.

Sans: I find this humerus.

The Duke of Dance: damn

The Duke of Dance: stole my next one.

The Duke of Dance: I'm not fibulaing you when i say, i'm running out of material. I'm really trying to think of more puns here, but i'm patellaing you, i'm out.

Sans: I don't even know this many bone names.

The Duke of Dance: My cranium is empty. i'm running bone-dry here.

The Duke of Dance: But you'r quite sternum in your wanting of these puns.

The Duke of Dance: don't worry, i'll stop temporalily. Not really tho.

The Duke of Dance: I'm taking these puns to the maxilla.

Sans: Can you make a pelvis pun?

The Duke of Dance: Not really. I can't think of any. So no hi

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Can argue with that logic…
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What do you call Elvis sitting on a chair?

Pelvis Restly!

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What do you call a skeleton's favorite singer?

Pelvis Presley

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Elvis and Enis

You know, back in the day Elvis had a twin brother Enis, who was just as great as Elvis if not better, but he was soon forgotten after Elvis got the name 'Elvis the Pelvis'.

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Short dad joke from last night.

I was having a problem with my left leg going numb (sciatic) and went to the chiropractor. My dad asked about it and I said, "The chiropractor said I had a twisted pelvis." His response, "Twisted Pelvis...that sounds like a band you would listen to." He was proud of himself.

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📅︎ Aug 26 2014
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