Astrology really Pisces me off.
πŸ‘︎ 18
πŸ‘€︎ u/cardboardshrimp
πŸ“…︎ Oct 13 2019
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A guy went to a pet shop. β€œI’d like to buy a goldfish please”. β€œCertainly sir. Would you like an aquarium?” ...

β€œI don’t care what star sign it is” The guy replies.

πŸ‘︎ 13
πŸ‘€︎ u/cwwspurs
πŸ“…︎ Oct 20 2019
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I didn't like my horoscope...

So I tore it up in Pisces.

πŸ‘︎ 8
πŸ‘€︎ u/1Autotech
πŸ“…︎ Jul 04 2019
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What was the astrologist's favorite candy?

Reeses Pisces!

πŸ‘︎ 9
πŸ‘€︎ u/nautasquid
πŸ“…︎ May 27 2017
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