I pulled a muscle swinging my pickaxe.

It was a miner injury.

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👤︎ u/RingsideRoss
📅︎ Feb 05 2021
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Why is a broken pickaxe not a big deal?

Its just a miner problem.

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👤︎ u/Americrazy
📅︎ Aug 14 2020
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Huh? Why does my son carry around a small pickaxe?

Simple, he's a minor.

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📅︎ Jul 29 2020
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Miner's pickaxe.

Every morning an old miner went to work, picked up his pickaxe and didn't think much about it. Years pass, and he just goes to work, takes his pickaxe and never thinks much about it. One morning he goes to work, but his pickaxe isn't there, it's gone. He sighes, and thinks to himself:

"All these years, I took this pickaxe for granite."

came up with this yesterday, if you've heard the same pun let me know the context :)

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👤︎ u/mmaramara
📅︎ Feb 04 2017
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Why did the prospector have to take his pickaxe out of the shaft when he was done?

It was a miner safety hazard.

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👤︎ u/celt1299
📅︎ Jun 26 2015
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I dated a minor once

He was practically inseparable from his pickaxe

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👤︎ u/B1tchy_mitchy
📅︎ Nov 28 2020
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So I was watching tv with my sister

This guy gets stabbed in the back with a pickaxe

Me: Well I guess he was picked off

Her: Oh god. Just shut up

Think I got her

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👤︎ u/Jbat02
📅︎ Aug 12 2015
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My wife dadjoked my son (and me) with this Minecraft gem.

Our 8 y/o son loves Minecraft. Without our oversight, he'd play all day every day. He was allowed to play on Sunday afternoon. He chose to play survivor mode, and he came running into the room where we were sitting to brag, "MOM, PAPI, I dug a shaft down into this hill and I found TWO DIAMONDS!"

He continued on, "So, since I'm in survival mode, should I use the diamonds to make a hoe or a pickax?" Something like that, comparing what it would cost him from something called his "workbench" and "inventory." Admittedly, I've only played creative mode with him, so I don't know all the terms.

Anyway, without missing a beat, my wife says, "Son, always spend your diamonds on hoes."

I love that woman so very much.

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👤︎ u/wuapinmon
📅︎ Apr 14 2015
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Dad Joke at the airport

We were about to leave for a vacation.

Flight attendant: "Sir, I'm afraid we have to move your seat assignment to accommodate a minor."

Dad: "What minor? I don't see anyone with a pickaxe."

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📅︎ Apr 08 2014
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