Not really a 'joke' per se, but my dad's take on 'Let It Snow', from Southern California

So my dad sent this to everyone in his office. I groaned a couple of times and thought it'd fit in well here.

Oh, the weather outside is crazy
Like a film from Martin Scorsese
The rain will fall and the wind will blow
El niño, el niño, el niño

It doesn’t show signs of stopping
My shirt and pants are sopping
Oh, where did that umbrella go
El niño, el niño, el niño

Weather patterns don’t seem right
Southern Cal is all a storm
The marine layer and all of its might
All because the Pacific is warm

The fear of fire is now subsiding
our thoughts turn to mudsliding
Down the hillside our houses flow
El niño, el niño, el niño

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📅︎ Dec 24 2015
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Propeller Farms

When I was little, some of the first wind farms were going up in CA along 101. Dad would tell us that the "propeller farms" were where new propellers trained before they could be put onto an airplane.

Every once in a while, we saw workers on the hillside pulling one down and he's say, Oh, look! That one graduated!" Yeah, that sold it for us.

Being a good Dad, my own wee young'uns had all been instructed in the ways of propeller farming.

This evening, well over decade later, my daughter starts laughing her ass off and shaking her head. "OMG, Dad. Those are not propeller farms!"

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📅︎ Nov 23 2016
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I was Right.

So me and my girl are enjoying hillside picnic. I begin to poke at her freckles. She asks "If i didnt have freckles would you still love me?" I respond jokingly "No". She sits up quickly and says "I'm leaving!" then proceeds to crawl to my side, transforming me into the little spoon. I ask "I thought you left?", she replies "I am Left". All hell breaks loose.

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👤︎ u/hyphenzz
📅︎ Nov 01 2014
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