A Puntitled Framework for Evaluating the Quality of Puns slifty.com/2016/03/a-puntโ€ฆ
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A General Contractor walked up to one of his workers on a jobsite.

"How is the framework coming along Johnny?"

"It's almost done boss!" Said Johnny, beaming.

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Construction workers

While putting up framework in a construction site, a worker waves at the crane operator about to place a main support beam and yells "stop, that beam isn't strong enough! There's no way this will hold the upper levels!". The foreman pushes the worker aside and yells to the crane driver "It's fine. Truss me, I'm an engineer!"

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/u/7SevenEleven11 pulls a classic [X-post /r/mindcrack]


>I'm what language and framework did you make this op?


> Hello What Language and Framework, The op did make this.

Thread in question

Congrats to /u/7SevenEleven11 for becoming a father!


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