"When do you get a balanced sheet?"

"After eating a balanced diet."

This came back to me today for some reason. Thought I'd share.

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📅︎ Apr 07 2014
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So proud

Helping my 13 year old make his bed. It's a hot night and the ceiling fan is on.

"Don't flick the sheet too high, Dad, or else..."

Me: "Or else what?"

"or else the sheet will hit the fan"

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👤︎ u/neuromesh
📅︎ Feb 18 2014
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After messing up my tax return forms yet again, my accountant said to me: "you're such a liability....."

"... you should be on a balance sheet"...

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👤︎ u/wkm86
📅︎ Oct 13 2017
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