Back in Taiwan, I had a pair science project to make a miniature biplane. His last name was the same as mine.

And in the end, two Wongs made a Wright.

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📅︎ Feb 16 2017
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Why did pilots use to have such a hard time flying straight?

All they had was biplanes

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📅︎ Oct 17 2020
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Had an idea for planes that used stilts instead of wings for flight

The project got a ton of support but never took off

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📅︎ Jun 17 2019
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Stranger at the airport dadjoked my dadjoke.

i was getting off an airplane, and i passed a little boy who was saying "bye, plane!". i, remembering a dadjoke i saw here, said "no, this isn't a biplane" The kid's dad immediately gave me a condescending look and said "you can't tell it's sexual preference based just on how it looks."

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👤︎ u/jpresken2
📅︎ Jul 23 2014
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My son might be too young to get it, but I still chuckled

My son is almost 2 and he likes to say goodbye to absolutely everything. We were watching airplanes fly by and this happened:

Son: Bye, plane!

Me: That's not a biplane!

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📅︎ Jul 07 2014
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What did one airplane say to another airplane when it left the airport?


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👤︎ u/swartz77
📅︎ Oct 18 2014
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