See what they did there
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πŸ‘€︎ u/NicholasP993
πŸ“…︎ Jan 15 2020
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How do you improve your archery?

With better arrow dynamics.

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πŸ‘€︎ u/dothemagic
πŸ“…︎ Jul 19 2020
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How do you know if a sniper likes you?

He misses you

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πŸ‘€︎ u/vidakris
πŸ“…︎ Aug 10 2017
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My dad got my mum and me.

We were watching the Olympic shooting, when my mum says that a guy at the school she teaches at shoots internationally for Wales. Dad: "Well that's not too impressive, they're pretty big targets."

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πŸ‘€︎ u/thedoctorhuw
πŸ“…︎ Aug 11 2016
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Dad joked my girlfriend on Christmas

My girlfriend was back home visiting her family during Christmas and our conversation goes as followed:

GF: I just shot a bow and arrow!

Me: What'd you shoot it at?

GF: A target!

Me: It's a good thing they are closed today so nobody got hurt..

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πŸ‘€︎ u/Jpro124
πŸ“…︎ Jan 15 2015
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