What's the Italian word for suppository?


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📅︎ Jun 10 2020
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Did you hear about the new Italian suppository?

It's called inuendo

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👤︎ u/mcmlxi1013
📅︎ Nov 03 2019
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I used to be addicted to suppositories

But I put them behind me

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👤︎ u/Das_Boot86
📅︎ Feb 02 2018
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A constipated man goes to visit his doctor.

"Doc, I haven't pooped in a week! Please help!"

Doc says sure, and writes him a prescription for a weeks worth of suppositories.

Man comes back the next day, "doc, I took the entire script last night, but nothing happened!"

The doc is shocked, as in his experience suppositories are very effective, and after taking a weeks worth he should have definitely had a BM. Oh well, the doc thinks, and gives him another weeks worth.

Guy comes back the next day. The doc says incredulously, "you've taken 2 weeks worth of suppositories in 2 days, and nothing happened?!?! What are you doing with them, eating them?!?!"

The man replies, "What'd you expect me to do with them, Shove 'em up my ass?!?!"

I don't know if this would normally be considered a dad joke, but it's my dad's favorite joke so I think it should count.

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📅︎ Sep 19 2020
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What's the difference between an oral and a rectal thermometer?

The taste

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👤︎ u/peanut31
📅︎ Feb 01 2018
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My first joke- the day my daughter was born

My wife was complaining of constipation- when in reality she was in labor. "Can you pick me up an enema or suppository?"

Without skipping a beat, I said "of course- sit tight!"

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📅︎ Feb 05 2016
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Is my favourite brand of Italian suppository.

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📅︎ Jun 18 2017
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You hear about the old man that went to the doctor?

Doctor says "did you know you have a suppository in your ear?"

Old man replies "well that explains what happened to my hearing aid!"

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👤︎ u/cidiem
📅︎ Feb 26 2016
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A female nurse just got a sex change after she became a dad joker....

Just sitting at a computer....I overhear her say,

"I have to go give this ass a suppository."

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👤︎ u/margraves
📅︎ Apr 05 2015
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my dad at his finest

dad: hey do you wanna know what they call an Italian suppository?

blank stares from the family

dad: innuendo, (in a terrible Italian accent)

he then proceeded to heartily laugh at his own joke.

edit: formatting

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👤︎ u/Gannon-guy
📅︎ Dec 05 2013
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