Method for administering a medicament suitable for treating a migraine or cluster headache.

PATENT GRANTED 1/4/21 U.S. patent number 11,213,666 [Application Number 16/469,799] was granted by the patent office on 2022-01-04 for method for administering a medicament suitable for treating a migraine or cluster headache. This patent grant is currently assigned to Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc.. The grantee listed for this patent is SORRENTO THERAPEUTICS, INC.. Invention is credited to Andrew T. Baker, Luke Hagan, Russell F. Ross.

A method for administering a medicament to a patient includes placing a fluid delivery apparatus with the medicament in contact with a portion of the skin of said patient. A flow rate of the medicament from the fluid delivery apparatus is adjusted such that the medicament is delivered to the patient for a predetermined time period. The fluid delivery apparatus includes a controller assembly having a body component defining an axis and a plunger component slidably coupled to the body component. The plunger is positionable between a first position in which the plunger is nearest to the body component and a second position in which the plunger component is furthest from the body component. A bias assembly is positioned between the body component and the plunger component. The bias assembly is configured to apply a two stage force profile to the plunger component.,213,666

For those of you that don't know what a Medicament means. Please click below

It's a healing substance, medicine, or remedy.

So Sorrento has a Method for administering a medicament suitable for treating a migraine or cluster headache. This patent was granted. This is amazing and I'm guessing this is for Sofusa.

Sofusa® DoseDisc™ system with sumatriptan Acute Migraine

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Este posibil să avem în curând primul medicament antiviral pentru Covid, care ar înjumătăți spitalizările și decesele. Se așteaptă peer-review + aprobările necesare

> The trial tracked 775 adults with mild to moderate Covid, who were considered higher risk for severe disease owing to health problems such as obesity, diabetes or heart disease. Half were given a five-day course of the pill, called molnupiravir. In the placebo group, 53 patients (14%) were hospitalised compared with only 28 (7%) of those who received the drug. There were no deaths in the drug group after that time period compared with eight deaths in the placebo group, according to Merck.


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Cîțu caută acum responsabilii pentru dezastrul din valul 4: Cineva din Ministerul Sănătății a tergiversat 5 luni achiziția unui medicament pentru COVID / Nu s-au dat ventilatoare spitalelor…
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Efectul tratamentelor de pe Google și al medicilor de pe Facebook: „A venit o doamnă în farmacie să-mi ceară pentru dumneaei un medicament de prostată, pentru că a auzit ea pe vecinul că i-a făcut bine”…
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Currently sorting some stuff out for my now elderly parents and came across a box covered in dust and looking long neglected; it contained medicaments of various kinds. Now I'd hate to say they are hanging onto stuff just for the sake of it but...
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I want to know your experience of using medicaments for adhd
  1. How changed your ability to study?
  2. Can you listen to people?
  3. How changed your work quality
  4. Can you sleep without headphones with podcast and etc to stop thoughts flow
  5. What happened with yours time management
  6. What else changed which I didn't mention.

In a childhood I had diagnosis adhd, but my parents was like: "you just need to control yourself", and me was too thinking that everything was alright, I didn't even know that something was wrong with me. So now I am 19 and in few days I will go to the doctor in a hope to fix my problems. I want to know what expectations will be justified about using medicaments

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Francois Perusse - Medicaments a jour…
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Medicaments reminder mobile app UI UX Design…
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