A sunflower walked into a restaurant around noon. The waiter asks "where would you like to sit?"

"by the window," the sunflower responded. "I'm only here for a light meal."

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📅︎ Oct 27 2020
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Eating sunflower seeds in the car

Me: I wanted 1 and I got 1

Dad: Ask and you shall reseed

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👤︎ u/Klatchwell
📅︎ Dec 06 2014
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Following instructions to make mayo

Teacher: -So, add sunflower oil and stir

Me: -Hmm, I didn't quite understand that. I guess I'll ketchup later!

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📅︎ May 02 2020
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A guy gives flowers to all of his family. To his wife he gives roses, to his parents he gives orchids, to his daughters he gives daisies.

And to his sons he gives sunflowers.

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📅︎ Nov 10 2019
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Hamster Puns

- Where do hamsters live?


- What do we call a non-pro hamster?


- Who is the president of hamsters?

Abrahamster Lincoln
- Which website has the hamster movie?

Xhamster dot com

- Why do hamsters eat sunflower seed?

Because they're hungry

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👤︎ u/tianrex
📅︎ Apr 19 2019
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Sister and I fell for it...

"Why can't you ask a German how high his sunflower is?" "(oh god) Why?" "Cause he'll say, 'ZIS HIGH! http://emptysuit.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/504842c.jpg'"

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👤︎ u/kjBALLAR
📅︎ Aug 09 2013
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