A friend of mine asked me to go hunting up in a dangerous mountain range.

I didn't bother because i thought the steaks were too high

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📅︎ Oct 04 2020
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A group of German geologists recently made an interesting discovery within a mountain range of northern Italy

The team unearthed a layer of rock tessellations resembling a violin as viewed from behind.

As of yet they have no name for this strata variance.

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The Monk and The Cow

A monk sits at the peak of a hill that overlooks where the grassy Earth meets a river, the river flows with a breeze, and the breeze explores a mountain range, and the mountains neighbor the sky, and the sky conceals the entire universe, hiding the unknown in plain sight. The monk exhales "Ooooomm". He repeats this until a noise, very faint, breaks his chant.


The monk stops for a moment but, without changing his position, dismisses it. "Ooooooommm." He begins again.

He's interrupted again, "moooo."

The monk turns to find a cow looking up at him from the bottom of the hill. "Kind cow," the monk says, "please do not interrupt my meditation."

The cow stares blankly back at the monk. The monk sighs and continues.


Even louder, "Mmmooooooooo."

"Dear cow, I must reach enlightenment. Please, refrain from making your cow noises or find another hill."

The monk continues again, "Oooooooommmm-"

"MMMmmoooooooooooO!" The cow exclaims.

The monk stands up angrily, "Cow! Why must you interrupt my chanting?"

The cow replies, "Because you're saying it backwards!"

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📅︎ Oct 09 2020
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Girlfriend is a Lord of the Rings fan

She has a tattoo of a mountain range with an elvish inscription underneath.

Me: What does your tattoo say again?

Her: Oh, it says "The mountain is calling.". Why?

Me: Oh no reason, I just didn't know what it was Tolkein about.

Her: (thousand yard stare)

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📅︎ May 08 2015
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