Squares are just quadrilaterals that suffer from a rectangle dysfunction
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👤︎ u/Adam-P-D
📅︎ Feb 18 2019
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My son was hvaing trouble with his math homework...

He was working on angle measures, and had just been learning how to calculate measures for more complex quadrilaterals.

While doing his homework, I hear him from across the room groan and say quite loudly "Why can't they just be squares?!"

So I entered the room to see what was up. Deciding to be the dad I am, I said; "I take it everything's not all right?"

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👤︎ u/Sheyren
📅︎ Apr 25 2018
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My Dad finally said something worth sharing!

Me: So I'll see you tomorrow morning around 8:15?

Dad: Yup, be there or be an equilateral quadrilateral!

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👤︎ u/alexl1
📅︎ Nov 17 2014
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