A gardener is planning with his partner about putting in new plants.

The gardener asks what type of flowers they are putting in. His partner says, “We are planting Sneezeweed, Bee Balm, Lamb’s Ears, and Black-eyed Susans because they are the best perennials for the Pacific Northwest region.”

The gardener nodded in agreement, “You have been a wonderful addition. Thank you for bringing your knowledge and experience to the garden.”

“It has been a pleasure! Say, can you help me with this? I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I keep trying to lay this sod down, but I can’t get it to lay flat,” he confessed.

The gardener observed his partner as he attempted to lay down the sheet of grass, and came to a helpful conclusion.

The gardener explained, “Well, you are standing up and need to get closer to the ground. Kneel before sod.”

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📅︎ Sep 07 2022
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