Puns of Varying Quality on the Subject of Linguistics (created in a fit of procrastinative inspiration) some of which I thought someone, someday might appreciate.

Note: Quality Very Varying (I see what I did there) and sometimes subject to specialist knowledge. So I apologise in advance. Shame me with your better puns.

While I was languishing in the Language Centre, doing some semantics antics and considering how all the other linguistics students despised and derided me, I was accosted by a stout man with large glasses who made me a preposition. It was that I should collect terrible puns, to do with linguistics, in order to ingratiate myself yet further with the other linguistics students (including even the phonetics fanatics).

I'm struggling to think of a pun to do with grammaticality that both makes sense and "Is grandma tickly?" correct. I'm also stuck on 'morphologician'. (I'm not actually sure that's a particularly logical word for the subject, though I guess that's more for, er, more for a logician to worry about.)

The problem I have with writing about phonological variation is that one is constantly forced to choose between being fun

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📅︎ Nov 28 2011
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A dad I work with asked me if I wanted to see a picture of his pride and joy...

...and pulled this out of his wallet.

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partner Dadjoked by our 4 1/2 year old daughter

So I have an infected lymph node. It's a little swollen. My partner was showing My 4 1/2 year old...

Partner: can you see the lump on daddies face? Miss4.5: that's not a lump that's his nose!

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📅︎ Dec 21 2014
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