Too Greasy?
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👤︎ u/SimonChome
📅︎ Apr 26 2021
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Greasy greece
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📅︎ Aug 05 2019
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Why was the philosophical, overweight monk always greasy?

Because he was a deep fat friar

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📅︎ Aug 26 2019
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I eat healthy food 6 days a week

I only eat greasy food on Fryday

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👤︎ u/Slymood
📅︎ Oct 19 2020
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Hey dad [my wife] and I are going to Greece this fall!

Dad: Uh oh be careful.

Me: ...why?

Dad: I heard they have really GREECE-Y (greasy) food there. cue shit-eating grin

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📅︎ May 31 2017
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When my dad had a minor heart attack...

My brother and I visited him at the Hospital. We talked for awhile about what happened. Apparently, he ate at one of the more popular food stands in our area that specializes in Pork Sandwiches, Philly Cheesesteaks, and other such greasy foods. He looked at us and said "you know, I should go back there and tell them that their food was so good, it gave me a heart attack!"

My father, ladies and gentlemen. Don't let shit get you down.

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👤︎ u/v3n0mat3
📅︎ Oct 19 2013
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