Dadjoked my dental hygienist this morning

I saw my new dentist for the first time this morning, and the hygienist was going over my insurance with me. We were talking about full mouth x-rays - I wasn't sure when my last one was and she wasn't sure if it was covered.

Hygienist: "The doctor recommends doing it anyway, and if your insurance doesn't cover it, he'll eat the cost."

Me: "I just hope he remembers to floss afterward."

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📅︎ Oct 18 2014
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My dentist is obviously a dad

The dental hygienist asked me which part of my mouth they should work on tonight, then relayed my response to the dentist when he came into the room. He responded in classic dad fashion:

Hygienist: We're gonna work on the top left. Dentist: The top left? What if I wanted to work on the top left? (pause) Dentist: You know what? I've got it. I'm gonna work on the top left.

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📅︎ Nov 20 2014
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