What did the monster truck tell Ron Burgundy during an interview?

"I'm kind of a big wheel."

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馃搮︎ Mar 17 2016
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What color is a burger?


(Bts jin dad joke lol)

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馃懁︎ u/haekellyy
馃搮︎ Aug 10 2019
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What colour are hamburgers?


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馃懁︎ u/BunnyKook97
馃搮︎ Oct 22 2018
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Overheard while clothes shopping

A woman was shopping with her parents.

Mother (to daughter): "Oh! I just bought this dress but in burgundy."

Father (to daughter): "... in Burgundy, France"

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馃懁︎ u/rosettacoin
馃搮︎ Nov 03 2014
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Dad's Anchorman Joke

My sister, who has never seen 'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy' the movie, was telling my family her plan to see it.

Sister: "Tomorrow I'm going to watch the first Anchorman and then we're going to Anchorman 2"

Dad: "Then she's going to Anchormanagment"

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馃懁︎ u/Fearbeard
馃搮︎ Dec 27 2013
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