How did Ayn Rand's C1 vertebrae become misaligned?

Atlas Shrugged.

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📅︎ Sep 15 2020
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Did you hear about the book of maps that just didn't care?

The Atlas Shrugged.

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📅︎ Feb 03 2020
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Co-worker was talking about getting her atlas adjusted at the chiropractor

I told her that when my atlas hurts, I just shrug it off.

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Ayn Walk and 4 Miles This Way

Had a couple noteworthy ones from my dad in the last few days.

First: I'm carrying a couple of books around, one of which happens to be Atlas Shrugged. My dad sees and asks me, "What are you reading Ayn Walk?" I shoot him a quizzical look and an "Uhh... Wut?" He explains, "Well it's not Ayn Ran(d), it's Ayn Walk!" /facepalm

Then today we happened to pass by a sign for the town of Bruce, WA (whose name my dad shares) which showed the direction and how far away it is. I point it out to my dad saying, "Look, Bruce, 4 miles that way!" Dad replies, "Ah yes that's good but they got it wrong, it should say Bruce 4 miles this way!"

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📅︎ Sep 06 2013
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