An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman are doing a tour of an old castle

They notice a sign for the watchtower challenge. They ask the tour guide what it’s about and he says β€œif you can drop your watch from the top of the old watchtower and catch it before it hits the ground, you win a million in gold to take home.” The Englishman goes first, drops his watch and runs down the steps, but he’s got no chance and his watch is completely broken. Then the Scotsman tries: he throws his watch up as high as he can to get more time, but his watch also smashes on the ground. But then the Irishman goes. He drops his watch and casually strolls down the watchtower steps. He goes straight over the road for a couple of drinks at the pub, and plays a game of pool. He then walks back over the road, waits a few minutes and catches his watch. The tour guide asks, β€œhow did you manage that?” and the Irishman says β€œit was easy… my watch is an hour slow.”

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