In retrospect, when should we have realized that Corona virus is a dangerous thing?

Right off the bat.

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👤︎ u/porichoygupto
📅︎ Mar 26 2020
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A man in a drug trial died from a complication which dissolved his pneumogastric nerve, the coroner listed the cause of death as...

"in vivo lost vagus"

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📅︎ Sep 23 2020
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I tried to quell a disagreement between me and my girlfriend in the shopping mall. But by the time we got to the second level we were shouting at each other.

In retrospect we shouldn’t have been on that escalator.

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👤︎ u/sellwinerugs
📅︎ Oct 30 2020
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I wrote a book on penguins.

In retrospect, I realize that paper would have been easier..

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👤︎ u/AustralianGroan
📅︎ Jun 01 2020
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Hey, r/dadjokes

the best? I dunno, but I've never meta joke I didn't like!

Hello fellow dads and dads at heart! I thought you may be interested at a retrospective look at our community:

If link posting is generally unwanted, I'd be happy to remove it.

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👤︎ u/Tuxedo_Muffin
📅︎ Jan 18 2019
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Family Vacation Dinner

We're seated to a family dinner at our hotel. I'm sitting across from my sister and next to my dad. The waiter brings our meals: lamb for me, lamb for my sister and fish for my dad.

Suddenly, he lost all the color in his face. In retrospect, we're not sure how he pulled that part off, but he seemed genuinely terrified as a lead into it.

Dad: "Oh my god, did you hear that?"

Me: "Hear what?"

Sister: "What's going on?"

Dad: Listen!

Ambient restaurant noises.

Me: Dad, seriously, are you ok? What's going on?!

Dad: I can't believe you can't hear it. They must have brought you the silence of the lambs...

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📅︎ Jun 13 2015
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I was trying to call the local drive-thru Taco restaurant today, but I kept dialing the wrong place...

...In retrospect, I should've realized it when the number didn't ring a Bell.

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👤︎ u/CoyoteBible
📅︎ Apr 16 2016
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