Mathematical proof that it pays to be dumb

power = work / time


knowledge = power


time = money

so, substituting...

knowledge = work / money

solving for money...

money = work / knowledge

The less you know, the more money you make, regardless of how much work you do.

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šŸ‘¤︎ u/JBaczuk
šŸ“…︎ Sep 20 2019
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My dad dropped this one on my younger sister who is in high school

My little sister was talking about doing mathematical proofs and she said "well, in the step I use a protractor to measure the proper angle, etc..."

Dad: "Well you sure can't use an amateur tractor for that!"

šŸ‘︎ 22
šŸ‘¤︎ u/YosefSum
šŸ“…︎ Nov 14 2013
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