I know nothing about my lineage.

I’ve been living in relative obscurity.

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📅︎ Dec 26 2018
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There was a boy..

His name was Josh Buttlicker. Everyone used to make fun of him. On his 10th birthday his dad asked him what he wanted as a gift.

He said “I am so sick of everyone making fun of my name and I really want you to change it officially”.

Dad said “No way! This is our family name, which represents our lineage, and I will never do it.”

He tried asking again on his 11, 12th up to his 17th birthday. But his dad denied his wish every time.

Finally on his 18th birthday, he told his dad “You cannot do anything now. I am of legal age and it is my decision!!” He rushed to the court with a lawyer, and completed all the paperwork to change his name legally.

Then he came home, and his dad asked “well, what is it?”

He said “Dave Buttlicker”.

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📅︎ Jul 29 2020
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I am the proud owner of a family-run barber shop

For centuries, we've used our shop as a means of teaching the youngest of our lineage the importance of teamwork, the value of a dollar and, most importantly, the self-satisfaction felt in a job well-done.

In the past few weeks, it's been repeatedly brought to my attention that our youngest child, Sheeran, has been demonstrating particularly helpful and productive tendencies so, today, I felt it was finally time to experience the honor of rewarding his efforts, offering him the opportunity to join our workforce; to which he was nothing short of ecstatic!

I'll be honest, I initially withheld concerns that his excitement would subside once I explained the sorts of menial work I'd have to start him off on but, to my relief, he took no issue in hearing that his duties would mostly revolve around wiping our patrons' hair off of the chairs, and sweeping it up from the floor.

Sharing a moment of beautiful silence, exchanging our most heartfelt of smiles and basking in this pivotal moment of his development, I placed my hand on his shoulder and said, "Son...

You are really going to have your work cut out for you."

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First post, starting with one of my favorites.

So, as a dad of 2 boys (7 and 3) and coming from a long lineage of corny/inappropriate fathers, I wanted to share one of my favorites for a road trip.

Dad: I saw a dead skunk in the road, I one it. Son: I two it Dad: I three it..... This continues until the dad says "I seven it" Son: I eight it Dad: that is just disgusting.

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📅︎ Aug 27 2013
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